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It all started with an idea to generate passive income and bring a concept very few have developed in Puerto Rico, Glamping.  Geodesic LLC started distributing premium glamping domes to clients all thru the island creating experiences as a business for the hospitality industry creating “The Domes”.  Once a proven concept due to the success of our clients “The Domes Cayey” was created in the beautiful City of Cayey Puerto Rico were you can book a stay in our 30 acre forest.  We have catered events for various clients such as The PGA tour, Bad Bunny, Perrier, SBS Media, JJ Barea Foundation and Clasico El Coqui Dorado.  We are driven to combine our passion for real estate and traveling experiences where you get to know more about where you are traveling instead of staying in a traditional hotel.  Let us help you create that space.

Your comfort is our pride


Essential Hotel Amenities

Feel the comfort of a hotel next to nature in the middle of mountains.

Outdoor Facilities

Nature is perfect, you enjoy the amenities outside.


We take you by the hand until you reach the dome, so that you have a perfect stay.

Why you should Choose Us

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Comfy Bed

A cozy bed awaits you.

Guest Service

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Free Wifi

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Good Meals

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