The following items are included with our domes; Our high performance all weather proof tent, galvanized and powder coated protected steel frame, heavy duty steel anchors for dome strength, door frame with aluminum door, clear window bay for exterior views, ventilation windows for dome breathability and 2 dome windows for air circulation.
We currently offer 5 models that range from 17 to 32 feet in diameter.  Go to our Shop section so you can see more in detail for each dome specifications.
Yes, The Domes can be used all year round in nearly any climate conditions. Many of our customers set up their domes as semi-permanent or permanent structures and never take them down for a winter / summer season. Thanks to high quality of materials used for production of our geodesic dome kits, they are not prone to harsh weather conditions or low temperatures.
Our self-assembly domes can be categorized as removable structures, so many countries do not require permits for installation.  However, different regulations apply in different countries.  Please verify with your local state laws and building permits.
All steel elements of our self-assembly geodesic dome kits are hot-dip galvanised. They are protected from corrosion and will not rust even if exposed to humidity / water for long periods of time. For better visual finish and additional protection we offer different color options.
The solar fan is a completely off-grid hot air extractor powered by solar a solar cell. Its speed varies depending on the amount of sunlight it is exposed to. Meaning that during the cold days with overcast it is either disabled or runs at a very low speed, while during the hot days with scorching sunlight it runs at a full speed, effectively preventing any heat buildup.
First -Design and build your self-assembly dome with us  Second – Place the order for production to be started, 50% deposit required. Third – Logistics and address for delivery verification. Fourth – When production and dome is ready to be shipped we will contact you for second payment of 50%, so your dome can be sent Fifth – Receive your dome at your local warehouse or door to door service can be provided directly to you. Sixth- Enjoy your dome!
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Geodesic Dome Kits are designed specifically with self-assembly in mind. By following steps described in the assembly manual, provided together with the structure, you can build the dome with help of your friends, family or co-workers. Each Geodesic Dome kit that we provide includes all parts and hand tools that you are going to need during the process of assembly. You will be informed what equipment to prepare for the installation depending on your dome customization. You can also decide on a supervisor who will come over and help your local crew by advising and monitoring their work. We calculate the costs individually, as we need to check the location, schedule, dome customization and quantity to calculate it. If you are planning to launch a glamping resort and don’t want to arrange any local crew, we can also offer installation of your domes. We need to create a personalized quote for such service so the best option is to consult the cost with your sales manager.

We are proud to offer 5 year warranty on our tents.  Certain restrictions apply.