Glamping Dome 23

Ideal for Larger Groups and Gatherings For those looking to accommodate a larger group of 2-6 people, Dome 23 is the perfect choice. Its 23-foot diameter offers ample space for everyone to relax and enjoy the outdoors together. Whether it's a family reunion, a group of friends, or a team-building retreat, Dome 23 provides a spacious and inviting setting.

What is included in our domes

  • Our high performance all weather proof tent.
  •  Galvanized and powder coated protected steel frame.
  •  Heavy duty steel anchors for dome strength.
  •  Door frame with aluminum door.
  •  Clear window bay for exterior views.
  •  Ventilation windows for dome breathability and 2 dome windows for air circulation.

Base area:
40 m² / 430 square feet
7.0 m / 23 feet
4.30 m / 12.6 feet
620 kg / 1367 pounds
Max. capacity:
2 adults + 3 children or 4 adults
Assembly time (without accessories):
5-6 hours
Disassembly time (without accessories):
3-4 hours
Recommended assembly crew:
3-4 persons

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