Glamping Dome 27

Perfect for Extended Families and Larger Parties Dome 27 is designed to comfortably accommodate 2-8 people, making it an excellent choice for extended families and larger gatherings. With its generous 27-foot diameter, it offers plenty of space for everyone to have their own area while still enjoying the communal glamping experience. It's an ideal choice for family vacations or celebrations with friends.

What is included in our domes

  • Our high performance all weather proof tent.
  •  Galvanized and powder coated protected steel frame.
  •  Heavy duty steel anchors for dome strength.
  •  Door frame with aluminum door.
  •  Clear window bay for exterior views.
  •  Ventilation windows for dome breathability and 2 dome windows for air circulation.

Base area:
50 m² / 538 square feet
8.0 m / 26.2 feet
4.0 m / 13.1 feet
775 kg / 1708 pounds
Recommended maximum capacity:
5-6 persons
Assembly time (without accessories):
5-6 hours
Recommended assembly crew:
3-4 persons

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